Our Professional Services Approach

We provide an extensive team of international resources through our network of ex-Big 4, management consultants, operational, financial and IT professionals and our business partners


Reduce Consulting Costs

We standardise consulting services   by converting them into analytical business models for self-diagnosis

Standardise Business Analysis

We tailor analytical approaches to client needs transitioning knowledge, skills and experience to empower your staff to act

adding value

Delivering Results We deliver results by:

How we help?

Pragmatic Approaches

We identify pragmatic   best practice methods and combine them with our experience & tools to turn then into self-diagnostic business models for you to use


We focus on improving business performance   by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the   way your business operates creating and adding value  


We provide an end to end integrated solution capability  designed to deliver practical solutions and fast results for you.

demonstrate ROI


Our Core Service Areas:

Strategy, M&A Transaction & Restructuring Services, Performance Improvement, Business Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio, Programme, Project, Value & Risk Management (See below for details)


Strategy Support

We provide strategic support services that help clients to refine their strategic direction across the entire organisation or for specific functions. We undertake rapid diagnostic assessments (2-4 week reviews) to determine strategic improvements. We run strategy development workshops to facilitate strategy development and achieve managerial consensus. We accelerate the transition of strategy into tactics and operational change through the use of enterprise archtecture tools and pre-defined analytical frameworks to accelerate change and transition knowledge.

M&A Transaction & Restructuring Support

We cover the breadth of the deal lifecycle, from inception through due-diligence, into divestment planning & execution and/or post-merger integration & synergy realisation. We help you to realise your deal objectives, maximise deal value, and minimise risks by providing a confidential, experienced and supportive service. 


We have developed a unique pre-defined analytical framework that helps you to take more direct control over your deal, accelerates completion and minimises your dependency on external third party resource. Achieved by integrating the entire deal lifecycle through a single relational database. The entire due diligence and report production is automated and more importantly is integrated with the subsequent separation or post merger integration activity

Performance Improvement

We provide performance improvement services that cover the breadth of the organisation or can be tailored to specic functions. We identify value creation opportunities or cost reduction necessities through rapid diagnostics to determine strategic, tactical and operational improvements (3-6 week exercise typically). We also run rapid diagnostics to help determine root causes of problems and help determine practical corrective action plans. All of which is accelerated through the use of our automated analytical frameworks.   

Business Enterprise Architecture

We provide Business Enterprise Architecture  services that help clients to determine their approach to Enterprise Architecture (EA). We help clients to approach EA programmes through the use of narrowly focused, rapid Proof Of Concept based exercises.  This allows us to demonstrate within 30-60 days how Business Process Management analystics and Enterprise Modelling technologies can be leveraged to facilitate the delivery of quick wins and demonstrate value-add rapidly on a low cost and low risk basis. Accelerators also exist for more narrowly defined improvement analytics around SAP, Six Sigma, Lean, ITIL, SoX, ITSM, ISO and OGC frameworks 

Portfolio, Programme, Project, Value & Risk Management

We provide portfolio, programme, project, value and risk management services that cover multi-faceted organisation wide transformation programmes or more narrowly focused projects. The more challenging and complex the programme the more we can contribute. We provide an experienced team to lead and/or support our clients teams. We also provide assurance services and improvement reviews.

 Our approach is based on the full range of OGC frameworks including ITIL®, PRINCE2®, MSP®, M_o_R®, ITIL®, P3M3® and P3O®. We provide analytical EA based accelerators that help organisations to embed these best practice frameworks within their organisations across their entire change portfolio, on every single programme, project and operational change activity as appropriate. 

PRINCE2®, ITIL®, M_o_R®, MSP®, P30®, P3M3®  are all Registered Trade Marks of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries. MoP™, MoV™  are Trade Marks of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries.